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by Brian H.

Nicknames: none
Super-Team: The Additionals
City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Joe Tweak
Sex: Male
Hgt:                 Wgt:
Hair:               Eyes:

Mystic Java Powers (4)
Tasks: Stinging foam to the eyes, scalding hot coffee stream, coffee bombs.

Ex-cop turned Private Detective (3)
Tools: Trenchcoat and gun.
Tasks: Authority figure, boxing, police co-operation, figures things out.

Connected Campaign City Expert (3)
Tasks: Knows who's who, who to talk to.  People owe him favors.  Knows city's history.

Man who never sleeps (2)
Tasks: Self taught Jack-of-all-trades, learns while "you" sleep.  Gets more done before 9 AM than you do all day.  Speaks many languages.

In a world full of superheroes, they were . . .
The Additionals!

Last updated 8/18/2005.