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What is Risus?
What is Risus - MYSTERY MEN?
Risus is a complete FREE Role Playing Game (RPG) designed to be a "RPG Lite". While it is essentially a Universal Comedy System, it works just as well for serious play.  Read all about it.
Download the Risus rules (only 6 pages) here !!!
A comedy RPG campaign using the Risus rules and inspired by the 1999 movie MYSTERY MEN (which was inspired by the original Bob Burden comic books).
What transpires here is NOT for the faint of heart . . . (you have been warned) . . .

Who are The Additionals?

Who are the MYSTERY MEN?

Meet the SUPERS (and Villians too)!

What are this campaign's Houserules?

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S. & Super-Jargon
Where is Campaign City?

What else inspired this fevered dream-induced madness?

Disclaimer: Very little here is new or original, much has been inspired by others.
Like all good GM's I steal what I need to make my game easy to run and fun for all.
Feel free to use any of the information here for your own amusement.

This website isn't just a guide to using Risus
it is a celebration of wacky super-hereoes.

No one is making a profit here so please don't sue us.
Everything created by someone else is probably (c) copyrighted by them.

Last updated 3/25/2010.